February 2021 {yarnalong}

Even though the yarnalong link up isn’t happening just now — if I remember I am still sharing what I’m reading and knitting— it’s a nice practice to keeping a record.

I’m knitting Joanna’s cozy knee socks in a casual knit along for February ~ it’s a lovely free pattern that you can find here. I’m going quite slowly but I can tell they are a quick knit – if only one would decide to pick up the needles.

I finished reading and sometimes listening to Bless Me, Ultima which at first I loved and then decided wasn’t my style. I loved his familiar voice. I’m not sure what turned me in the end, it wasn’t the murder or magic, I think it was the gross boys he wrote. I’ll keep it on my shelves because of who wrote it and what he means to me personally as a New Mexican and a writer.

This week I am reading cookbooks, looking for inspiration. I’ve picked up the beautiful poems by Levi Romero again. I love his voice and it fills my brain and my rooms like music.

I’ve gotten half way through A Promised Land by Barack Obama. It’s really good and I’m glad to make my way through it however slowly I go.

I wrote before that the mostly quarantine calm of our Holidays this year were to us, “a kind of soothing balm to all of our scrapes and wounds that this strange year has brought us.

But what I did not say, perhaps because the thoughts had not yet been processed, is that – the mostly quarantined calm of this last season of Holidays and weirdly even big days like this last Sunday’s Super Bowl left me with room for sadness and mourning.

I suppose this is another gift given by this pandemic. The unexpected quiet gives us space and time and to see and feel all the things that busy life didn’t leave us room for before. Just one more surprise, a sort of small grace. One more hard thing to be thankful for.

Winter is back. Although New Mexico isn’t the most Wintery type of place. I’m hungry for Spring and Summer. I’m letting myself begin to think about gardens and chickens and clothes hanging on clothes lines. I’m eager for sunshine and hot days. For bare feet and slow walks, trampolines and lazy afternoons.

I sure hope we get there. I hope you get where you long for too.

Peace~ t

Lily Of The Valley Washcloth {a free pattern}

I’ve just finished Everyone Always by Bob Goff.

Just. Read. It.

It is so good.

I’ve also just finished listening to The Deepest Well by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris.

It is a change-your-life-and-the-way-you-see-yourself-and-others sort of book. Just google Ace scores and toxic stress- Difficult to look at but oh so helpful.

Made these crochet washcloths for some homeless people we’ll meet in Asia soon. Thought it such a great and accidental pattern that I should share it.

You. Are. Welcome.

Joining Ginny over at Yarnalong.

It is #lilyofthevalley stitch.

Step 1.

• Chain 32

Step 2.

• Two double crochets in the fourth chain in- repeat to the last space- and do two double crochets in last space.

• chain three and turn.

Step 3.

• one double crochet in the space between the double crochets below. – one double crochet in the middle chain in bottom (1st chain) – one more double crochet in the same space to the left) Repeat to the last space at end and do two double crochets at end.

• chain 3 and turn

Step 4.

• one double crochet in the space between the three double crochets below. – One double crochet in the top of the middle double crochet below. – One double crochet in the space to the left. – repeat to the last space and do two double crochets at the end.

• chain three and turn.

Step 5.

• Repeat step four to desired squareness of your washcloth- leaving off the last chain 3-

• weave in ends and enjoy!! #freepattern