Yarnalong {January}

Oh my, it’s January- and that means that it is time for Ginny’s monthly Yarnalong.

I knit a bunch of radiator mittens for the kids in December and started another crochet sock yarn blanket. This is the place where I found a pattern that I’m using as a guideline.

I cast on 294 + 2 and this blanket will be twin size. I haven’t decided what I’ll do with it yet. Of course I want to keep it, but it feels like something to gift.

I haven’t read much of this book at all in the last month or so. I’m only half way through it. It is a beautifully written book but all the pain in its pages lands a bit too close to home for me.

I’m starting this one today for a fresh start in the New Year and I think when it’s not so gloomy outside my windows or inside my rooms I’ll finish the other.

I didn’t make any resolutions this year. I did write something a bit broody and poetic about 2018 and made a list of longing for 2019 but I have no tidy New Years resolutions to share. It just isn’t that kind of ending/ beginning this go around and that’s okay by me.

Did you make resolutions? Set goals? Have plans for 2019? Do share!

I pray your year is filled with hope and peace for you and yours. And please remember that God is for you.


Lily Of The Valley Washcloth {a free pattern}

I’ve just finished Everyone Always by Bob Goff.

Just. Read. It.

It is so good.

I’ve also just finished listening to The Deepest Well by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris.

It is a change-your-life-and-the-way-you-see-yourself-and-others sort of book. Just google Ace scores and toxic stress- Difficult to look at but oh so helpful.

Made these crochet washcloths for some homeless people we’ll meet in Asia soon. Thought it such a great and accidental pattern that I should share it.

You. Are. Welcome.

Joining Ginny over at Yarnalong.

It is #lilyofthevalley stitch.

Step 1.

• Chain 32

Step 2.

• Two double crochets in the fourth chain in- repeat to the last space- and do two double crochets in last space.

• chain three and turn.

Step 3.

• one double crochet in the space between the double crochets below. – one double crochet in the middle chain in bottom (1st chain) – one more double crochet in the same space to the left) Repeat to the last space at end and do two double crochets at end.

• chain 3 and turn

Step 4.

• one double crochet in the space between the three double crochets below. – One double crochet in the top of the middle double crochet below. – One double crochet in the space to the left. – repeat to the last space and do two double crochets at the end.

• chain three and turn.

Step 5.

• Repeat step four to desired squareness of your washcloth- leaving off the last chain 3-

• weave in ends and enjoy!! #freepattern